How To Find LSA Sustainability Related Courses

Are you interested in taking a sustainability-related course in LSA? Not sure where to start? Check out our guide below with a few tips on finding the right course for you.

In addition to the methods below, you can view all courses the Year of Sustainability team has identified for the Winter 2024 semester through this Campus-Curated Spotlight through Atlas.

Use our course catalog!

The Year of Sustainability team has been hard at work to compile all of the sustainability-related courses that LSA offers, all in one space for you. You can find the list of courses and a link to their description by following the button below.

Use the LSA Course Guide

There are two ways to find sustainability-related courses using the LSA Course Guide.

  1. Filter by the Term you are registering for and then select the Sustainability tag from the “Special Offerings” tab.
    • This special tag was endorsed by Dean McDonald, after receiving a proposal from the LSA Student Government. Professors are able to tag their courses each semester.
  2. Filter by the Team you are registering for and then type into the “Keywords” search bar a keyword such as “sustainability” or “climate change”

Use Atlas

Atlas is a multi-use tool used by students and faculty at U-M. Students are able to save courses to their dashboard and build a schedule through this platform. Students are also able to see the course description, median grade, sections offered, grade history, incoming student level, previous course instructors, commonly declared degrees, and school/college affiliations of previous students who have taken the course.

To search for a sustainability-related course using Atlas, type a keyword such as “sustainable” or “climate”, but please note being too specific with the keyword will not show any results because the site is searching for the keyword in the title of the course. Next select “Literature, Sci, and the Arts” from the “School” tab, then you are able to further narrow down the search by subject, number of credits, or level of the course.

By stejenna

Jenna Steele is the Year of Sustainability and Carbon Neutrality Program Assistant for U-M College of Literature, Science, and the Arts.

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