This page will be updated with reports, metrics, and additional information on an ongoing basis.

Year of Sustainability Q.1 Update Report

This report is the first quarterly update of sustainability efforts and individual/department action in LSA. This document is best viewed online as a PDF, please let us know of any accessibility concerns.

LSA Carbon Neutrality Task Force Recommendations

Below are the top nine recommendations from the LSA Carbon Neutrality Task Force which was composed of LSA faculty, staff, and students. Each of the recommendations are under consideration by LSA Leadership at different capacities and implementation timelines. Additional recommendations were submitted and are under further review. Task Force members evaluated options in three committees: Research & Education, Scope 3 Emissions, and Facilities & Operations.

LSA Fiscal Year 2023 Sustainability Report

LSA Historical Waste Data Summary

This waste data was sourced from the Office of Campus Sustainability as part of their ongoing effort to track sustainability progress across campus.

LSA Community Feedback

The graphic below is a compilation of various presentations the Year of Sustainability team has given along with the feedback received. The Maize circles depict individual presentations, with each color indicating a distinct topic or question and participant responses. To read the different parts of the graphic, either click and hold on a circle or utilize the search bar to search keywords.