Year of Sustainability Photo Contest

As a part of the LSA Year of Sustainability, our Team invites you to participate in our 2024 Photo Contest! We invite all U-M students, staff, and faculty to share a sustainability-related photo from your experience here at U-M, in the surrounding communities, and across the state of Michigan.

  1. Eligibility: Must be a current University of Michigan student (undergraduate or graduate), staff, or faculty member.
  2. Photos: The photo must be your original work. Submit the photo electronically in JPEG format. Winning photos will be enlarged, so photos must be at least 16×10 or 10×16 inches at 3000dpi resolution (4800×3000 or 3000×4800 pixels). You may submit up to 3 photos and the photo(s) must have been taken during your time at U-M as a student or scholar. Additional photo requirements can be found on the submission form below. Please follow the requirements!
  3. Semester Deadline: Photos will be judged in batches aligning with the start of each semester. Winter 2024: Friday, March 29th at 5:00pm. Submit your photo using the online form below. You can upload your photo directly onto the form.
  4. Permission: In submitting a photo, you are granting the IC royalty-free permission to use, reproduce, and distribute your photo in displays related to the contest, future printed and electronic publications, fundraising and promotional materials, and the right to use your name when giving credit to the photographer.

Photos will be judged in 4 separate categories. Some ideas for photo that span across the categories include:

  • Natural World (flowers, landscapes, seasons, sunsets, trees, wildlife)
  • Humanity (friends, family, lifestyle, environmental justice)
  • Built Environment (buildings, bridges, cityscapes, interiors)
  • Academia (fieldwork, research, education, instruction)

*** If your photo includes people, please ensure that those people gave consent to having their photo taken.

Contest winners will:

  • Have their photos enlarged, printed, and displayed in LSA Buildings accompanied by a plaque describing their art during the Year of Sustainability.
  • Have their photos features on the LSA Sustainability website, social media, digital signage, or future event promotion material.
  • The top 3 winners will receive U-M LSA Sustainability merchandise prizes!

Submitted photos will be judged by the Sustainable-LSA Team. Photos will be judged based on visual appeal, technical competence, and concept. Our team will also look at subject matter, quality, creativity, originality, and respect for local culture. Winners will be notified by March 31, 2024. Winning photos will be enlarged and displayed in multiple campus locations before the end of the Winter Semester of 2024.

  • Images that demonstrate a lack of respect for individuals and/or local cultures
  • Images that could be misinterpreted easily as cultural (mis)appropriation
  • Images that depict children and minors
  • Images of exhibitions in museums, aquariums, planetariums, etc.

Winter 2024 Submissions